Hammer Records Shout Out 08-April-2016

Last Saturday was an awesome night. We celebrated a milestone for SEDO SOUL launching our first ever EP. But another great thing happened! We had the awesome Rose Weekes from Vancouver's own Hammer Records in the house.
Not only was it just a great pleasure to have her there, Rose took some awesome photos (hopefully to be brought to you soon) and brought some great conversation. But Rose did one more awesome thing. She wrote an awesome blog post. We are super appreciative of the shout out on the site and the review. We want to thank Rose and the awesome people at Hammer Records for everything they have done this far. We also want to say that we are looking forward to working with these wonderful people more in the future.

And one more shout out to all the fans that have liked our Facebook page
We cannot wait to see all of you at our next show.

EP Launch 02-April-2016

Saturday April 2nd saw the launch of Sedo Souls brand new EP.
It was also the launch and reveal of Sedo Soul as a band and artist.
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is all up and running.
Check back soon as well. We will have more photos and more details on upcoming events gigs and more.